10 Channel U-Era Classics That Deserve Another Round

10 Channel U-Era Classics That Deserve Another Round


Channel U played a lot of trash before it switched to Channel AKA in 2009 and everybody knows it. There's some tracks that we will never forget, plenty that we will, but you'll definitely love channel 385 if you grew up in the endz. It's what you couldn't wait to come home from school and watch to see whose new video dropped. It's the channel you fought with your brothers and sisters over; they wanted to act all grown and watch MTV Base, but you just wanted to learn all the words to P2J's “Hands In The Air“. Among the rubble of low-budget hood vids were some credible gems that had commercial appeal, but came out during a time when certain sounds were seen simply as drive-by fads by those who worked high up in glass offices.

Ever wondered what reception your back-of-the-bus banger would get in the current music scene? What it would sound like on stations like Beats 1 and BBC Radio 1? What live vibe it'd give off during festival season? The mainstream is today more accepting of British black music than it has ever been and there's a whole new generation of listeners to boot. Some of the artists no longer make music (or have broken up), but in any case, here are 10 Channel U-Era Classics That Deserve Another Round.

Words by Joseph 'JP' Patterson