5 Grime Acts Who Need To Become (Fully) Active Again

5 Grime Acts Who Need To Become (Fully) Active Again


The grime fire is burning bright once again. In recent months, we've seen such MCs as Chip, Kano, and President T make a strong comeback to a scene that first birthed their lyrical talentsand it's proving to be, possibly, the best decision they've made in their whole entire careers. For a time, it seemed as though Novelist, Stormzy, and Skepta were the only ones worthy of making headlines, but, with all due respectI'm kinda glad to see a change. Glad in that the foundational members are able to have a second shot at proving their weight in bars; glad that the genre's new followers get to experience what we did all those moons ago. But, what happened to the rest of them? So many MCs have been on the cusp of great success, and then… Boom! They suddenly vanish into a mythical cloud of weed smoke.

Time couldn't be riper for yesteryear's bar-throwers to come through and pick up where they left off; if Prez T can captivate a whole new audience after a seven-year hiatus, then anyone can, surely? From mixtape champions to rave-reload-emcees, there's an abundance of talent out there that needs to see the light of day, one more time. Here are 5 Grime Acts Who Need To Become (Fully) Active Again

Words by Joseph 'JP' Patterson