A DJ Was Fined for Playing N.W.A.'s "F*ck tha Police" at a...

A DJ Was Fined for Playing N.W.A.'s "F*ck tha Police" at a Bar in Massachusetts


A DJ has been fined for disorderly conduct after spinning N.W.A.'s classic “Fuck tha Police” at a bar, according to MassLive. The incident occurred back in October when police were attempting to clear more than 350 people out of a bar with a capacity for only 160 people in Westfield, Mass. While this took place, 25-year-old DJ Boogy played the classic record from 1988. Westfield police officer, Juanita Mejias, wrote in her report, “I believed at that time the combination of alcohol, the excessive amount of people in the bar and the song that the DJ chose to play at that time was an intentional act by the DJ to incite the crowd [that] showed a reckless disregard for public safety.”​ Mejias was reportedly trying to cut the music off and shut everything down at the time.

“I had no intention of inciting a riot,” Boogy told MassLive. “It was just college kids having fun…For them to even think I was trying to start riots was frustrating for me.” He said he turned off the song after it only played for a quick moment because he had the song ready to play before the police showed up that night. On March 11, a Westfield court ruled he was responsible for disorderly conduct and ordered him to pay a $50 fine. This isn't the first time the song has upset police officers. Of course, the track is still as iconic as ever. The legendary hip-hop group will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a ceremony at Barclays Center on April 8.