A Judge Has Denied Kesha's Injunction Against Dr. Luke

A Judge Has Denied Kesha's Injunction Against Dr. Luke


Kesha is in court today for her long-awaited hearing against her producer Dr. Luke, who she filed a lawsuit against in 2014 for sexual assault and battery. Earlier this week, Kesha opened up about her nerves regarding the case on Instagram and told fans that she has “nothing left to hide.” Dozens of fans gathered outside the New York City courthouse this morning and welcomed Kesha as she arrived. 

At court, the judge immediately addressed Kesha's preliminary injunction in which she asked to be released from her contract with Dr. Luke. He denied the injunction stating there is “no evidence” of Luke's abuse, according to a series of tweets from Buzzfeed News reporter Mary Georgantopoulos. Kesha's lawyer argued that the company is “setting her up to fail.” In response, the judge questioned the idea that a music label as competitive as Sony would not want a financial return on their investment. Sony’s lawyer added, “Our interest is in her success. Our interest in in Dr. Luke’s success. They are not in the least bit mutually exclusive.” Despite these arguments, people inside the courtroom reveal there has been no official verdict yet. Check out Georgantopoulos’ tweets detailing the judge's ruling below.

Twitter has erupted in light of the judge's ruling against Kesha.