A.K. Paul Debuts His New Song, "Landcruisin’"

A.K. Paul Debuts His New Song, "Landcruisin’"


A.K. Paul Debuts His New Song, "Landcruisin" news

Jai Paul's brother A.K. Paul has surprised everyone with a new track titled “Landcruisin'” which debuted on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show. After dubbing the track “Blade Runner pop,” Zane played the song three times in a row and shared his excitement on Twitter. “THIS IS NUTS!!!!!!!!!!” he wrote. “In all my years on the mic, NEVER had a show that crazy.” Unfortunately, if you missed the debut, you will have to wait to hear the song as it's not available anywhere else yet. Zane, who usually posts direct links to the song he premieres, has not shared any link to listen to the song through Apple yet, either. As of now, there is no information on when the track will be available online.

Earlier this week, the Paul brothers launched their mysterious new Paul Institute. The project already has a website where fans can enter their information to be “enrolled,” but there is no other information available yet. However, it seems A.K.'s new song is in someway related to the project because the artwork clearly mentions the Institute. You can read everything that is known so far about the Paul Institute here.