A Pop-Up Record Shop Has Opened Up At The GAP Store In...

A Pop-Up Record Shop Has Opened Up At The GAP Store In Oxford Street


A Pop Up Record Shop Has Opened Up At The GAP Store In Oxford Street news

So, we're not sure how we feel about this, but a pop-up record store has opened in GAP's Oxford Street branch. Look, we're still feeling funny about Urban Outfitters selling vinyl in-store, so we're not sure how to process any of this information.

The pop-up record store is being run by Lion Coffee + Records, who are based out of Clapton. The space will be selling a select mixture of new releases and classic reissues, and will be open until April 1which is, coincidentally, Record Store Day. Seeing as Record Store Day is billed as an event to encourage the public to buy from independent vinyl retailers, we're pretty confused at how buying records from a store such as GAP would be seen as supporting that notion. But hey, what do we know? The previously mentioned Urban Outfitters have already received flack for falsely declaring themselves as the “biggest single vinyl retailer” out there, a statement that has since then been disproved.

To GAP's credit, they will be fully supporting the pop-up record store by accommodating the space with DJs and live performances for three-days a week, from the likes of Toy's Charlie Salvidge, Man Like Me, The View and Chris Hayden from Florence + The Machine. The news of GAP's pop-up record store comes off the back of last week's leak of the shockingly underwhelming list of releases for this year's Record Store Day. The leak forced the event organisers to label the list as “incomplete” and “inaccurate.”

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