A Roundup Of The Increasingly Savage Chip And Yungen Beef

A Roundup Of The Increasingly Savage Chip And Yungen Beef


As half-term draws to an end, hearts were heavy as the UK's youth lamented the end of fun. Fortunately, savagery was afoot and a nation entranced by a grime war.

It all started when Chip said that Sneakbo deserved a nomination as well as Yungen. Rightly or wrongly, Yungen took this as a par and kicked off the first rumblings of a beef. Chip was quick to record the “One Take” freestyle video, but held it back for a moment. Meanwhile, Krept & Konan tried to downplay the drama, claiming Chip had agreed not to diss. Rumour has it (according to Yungen) that around this point, someone in Chip's Cash Motto camp quietly gave Yungen some “inside intel” about what was coming; Yungen readies a response just in case.

“One Take” drops and Yungen fires back with the “Punk (Shitmunk)” video he'd prepared, featuring a provocative cameo from Tinie Tempah. Chip then declares Martial Law and returns fire with the “Michelle Riddim (Lil Clive Diss)” video bringing mums into the equation. Finally, Yungen hits back with the increasingly personal “Oopsy Daisy Riddim”, provoking Chip's “L” video this morning. Frustratingly for Chip, “L” was supposed to drop last night but was delayed by video editing/production.

He caught a little flak for that but, in our eyes, “L” was savage enough for us to forgetbut it did get one kid suspended after he missed college to stay up and wait. Possible juicy bonus beef: Chip says Yungen had no right to use the “Oopsy Daisy” sample and that Yungen might want to take the video down. Could this be the first grime beef to end in court? Don't think for a second this is going to end any time soon. We're all on tenterhooks and Wiley's even been drafted in as impromptu ref, a role he clearly relishes.