Alonzo Williams Says 'Surviving Compton' Is Full of Inaccuracies

Alonzo Williams Says 'Surviving Compton' Is Full of Inaccuracies [VIDEO]


Michel’le’s Lifetime movie, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, has certainly generated plenty of heated reactions since its premiere over the weekend. Some have praised the former Ruthless Records singer for speaking her truth, while others have claimed that Michel’le used a little creative license with the truth.

One such person is West Coast hip-hop pioneer Alonzo Williams, who initially discovered Michel’le and brought her to the studio. Williams is portrayed in the movie by actor Kedrick Brown.

During an interview on Tariq Nasheed’s radio show (listen above), Williams said that Surviving Compton is full of inaccuracies. While the World Class Wreckin Cru founder felt that Brown did a good job portraying him in the movie, but he had to clear some things up.

“Kedrick did a good job. He had a nice moist Jheri curl. He was smooth,” he said, adding that he never bought socks back in the days because he was on his Miami Vice tip – a clean suit with dress shoes and no socks.

Williams added that a lot of the studio scenes in the movie was fictional.
Back in the days, there was no drinking or smoking allowed because studio time cost money. He went on to explain how he initially met Michel’le and how she made her first vocal appearance on the World Class Wreckin Cru’s classic song, “Turn Off the Lights.”

“I had to pick her up from her [house]…and before she went into the studio to sing, she ask for something that I never heard from an artist in my life,” he said. “She asked for two strawberry shakes from Jack In the Box.”

Williams also denied that he robbed Michel’le of royalties as was shown in the movie. “She was a work for hire,” he recalled, adding, she got paid the standard fee and then some.

However, Williams also said that he never saw Dr. Dre hook up Michel’le. In fact, he claims that Michel’le signed with Ruthless Records behind his back due to Jerry Heller’s conniving business practice. He also maintains that he never saw Dre be a destructive human being like he was portrayed in the movie.

“In the movie, it looked like Dre gave Ike Turner lessons on whopping women,” he said. “I’ve never seen that part of Dre. The Dre that hung around me was a crazy, fun-lovin’ [and] always playing a practical joke.”

“Now he would tell a lie to a woman in a heartbeat to get laid,” he continued. “I never seen him cry with a woman. That some bedroom stuff right there. That’s way over the top for me.”

Williams also questioned the casting of Eazy-E, Ice Cube and others in the movie. He then added that Suge Knight being portrayed as a knight in shining armor in the movie is a clear sign that the movie wasn’t telling the real story.

Despite the movie’s inaccuracies, the 59-year-old rap mogul said that he’s grateful to be featured in both the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton and Surviving Compton movie, and that he’s working on his own film.

Meanwhile, Daz Dillinger also criticized Surviving Compton for being inaccurate. The former Death Row producer posted a pair of videos to Instagram shooting down some of the scenes in the movie.

“Did you see where Suge Knight was talking to Tupac like that in her movie?” he says in the video below. “I don’t recall no s— like that. Tupac wasn’t going for no s— like that. I wouldn’t go for no s— like that or we’d have a lot of fights. I ain’t heard of no s— like that. Bitch lie.”


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