AlunaGeorge Links up With ZHU on "My Blood"

AlunaGeorge Links up With ZHU on "My Blood"


AlunaGeorge Links up With ZHU on "My Blood" news

AlunaGeorge links up with rising electronic powerhouse ZHU for their latest offering, “My Blood.” The track finds singer Aluna Francis lending her scintillating vocals over a cascading beat that skitters and slides into an ear-flowing wave of downtempo delirium.

Surprisingly, AlunaGeorge had no idea who ZHU was before working together. In a short interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, Aluna reveals how the collaboration came about. “I went on the internet when I heard ‘Faded’ and I was like ‘I don’t care if we don’t know who he is, I’m going to find him. And I was such a geek.” Aluna says she saw the artists ZHU was associating with and hit up those artists to try and connect with the mysterious producer. Thankfully, her plan worked. The artists then met at a festival backstage and hung out to make sure they vibed before hitting the studio.

Aluna also gave Zane an update on the duo’s forthcoming album. “Yeah, we’ve got enough songs. It’s just that we’re gonna create a ring and everyone has got their song that they’re fighting for and we’ll just fight it out.” However, she does promise a new album will be coming from them in 2016. Listen to the track and Aluna’s short interview with Zane below.