Andy Samberg As Connor4Real Lets the Beat Rock on His "I'm A...

Andy Samberg As Connor4Real Lets the Beat Rock on His "I'm A Weirdo" Freestyle


The Lonely Island’s highly anticipated film Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is finally set to hit theaters nationwide next week. With an eye and an ear to drum up some buzz before the big premiere, the movie’s star Andy Samberg assumed the identity of his alter-ego, the mega-successful pop icon Connor4Real, and unleased a two-minute long “freestyle” video on YouTube titled “I’m A Weirdo.”

The video itself is actually quite bizarre and may bring to mind Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz’s 2012 mega-hit “I’m Different.” Both songs have a similar laid-back vibe, and both songs decry all the ways in which they’re either weird or different. If you can recall, Samberg and 2 Chainz have actually crossed paths once before during the former’s stint as a host on SNL in 2014, when he reprised his role as industry hype artist “Blizzard Man.”

It’s highly entertaining to watch Samberg twist off ridiculous lines in the promo like, “I’m a weirdo, not a hero / Had a psych e-val, didn’t clear though / Ergo, I say ear go / Cut my ear off now I can’t hear stereo.” Kanye West might compare himself to Picasso’s genius, but only Connor4Real is willing to go the full way and cut his own ear off.

As the latest project by The Lonely Island, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping has got many people buzzing that it could be the comedy of the year. The film is styled as a Spinal Tap-esque mockumentary that follows the story of Connor4Real as he plots his comeback following the flop of his second album Connquest. The film has drawn a lot of comparisons to Justin Bieber’s own documentary film Never Say Never, and with musical guest stars who include Snoop Dogg, DJ Khaled, Questlove, and Seal, it’s about as co-signed as any movie about a fake pop star could possibly hope to be.

Check out the trailer below.