Angela Simmons Announces She's Pregnant With Her First Child

Angela Simmons Announces She's Pregnant With Her First Child [PHOTO]


It looks like Rev. Run is going to be a grandfather. Fashion maven Angela Simmons is pregnant with her first child.

The 28-year-old reality star announced the baby news on her Instagram account on Friday evening (May 27). In the photo, Simmons shows off her growing belly while hiking in the hills of Los Angeles.

“We are overjoyed and super excited to receive a blessing this big! Starting a family was something that I could have only dreamed of,” she wrote in the caption.

This wonderful news comes as Rev. Run’s daughter announced that she was engaged back in April. It was a huge surprise back then because no one knew she was in a serious relationship. We still don’t have an official word on who the lucky father/fiance is, but according to sources, it’s Atlanta businessman Sutton Tennyson.

We also don’t know how far long Simmons is in her pregnancy or when the baby is due. Nevertheless, we are happy for her.

We want to congratulate Angela Simmons and wish her many blessings as she embarks on her journey to motherhood.