Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Is Being Submitted to the Emmys

Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Is Being Submitted to the Emmys


Beyoncés Lemonade Is Being Submitted to the Emmys news

Beyoncé delivered her sixth album, Lemonade, a visual album, this past weekend on HBO and the world stopped. As the powerful, visually stunning film and all of its cultural and political significance continues to be dissected—sometimes one frame at a time—parodies from the likes of James Corden have popped up. It’s even led to a resurfacing from America’s most famous side chick Monica Lewinsky. Lemonade’s impact on pop culture is about to reach a whole new level, Variety reports, because HBO wants to submit Lemonade for the Emmys.

According to Variety, HBO is putting up the hour-long Lemonade for a variety special Emmy. Lemonade’s premiere on HBO makes it qualified for the television honoring Emmys.

As Variety notes the variety special Emmy went to Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special last year.

Beyoncé and Kahlil Joseph are currently the only credited directors for Lemonade, reports Variety, which means HBO will submit them. However, Variety writes HBO is currently trying to also submit Lemonade’s other directors: Dikayl Rimmasch, Jonas Akerlund, Mark Romanek, Melina Matsoukas, and Todd Tourso.

This wouldn’t be Beyoncé’s first time up for an Emmy should Lemonade be nominated. Queen Bey was nominated for her Super Bowl Halftime show in 2013 and then again the following year for her “On the Run Tour” concert special with Jay Z which also aired on HBO.

If you missed out on watching Lemonade (for free!) on HBO this weekend it’s available on iTunes and it’s streaming on Tidal.