Big Boi Gets Dragged on Twitter for Florida Evans Meme About Motherhood...

Big Boi Gets Dragged on Twitter for Florida Evans Meme About Motherhood [PHOTO]


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We know that rappers like to voice their opinions on social media, much to their determinant. On Memorial Day (May 30), OutKast member Big Boi recently got barbecued on Twitter for posting a meme criticizing the parenting skills of today’s mothers.

Daddy Fat Sacks posted a side-by-side photo of classic TV mom Florida Evans of Good Times and another mother twerking for the camera while her kid watches beside her.

It seems that Big Boi is suggesting that moms from the ’70s knew how to raise their children while today’s mothers like to twerk and be Thots on Instagram. While his generalization of today’s mothers are incorrect (and sexist), it did spark plenty of opinions along with slander thrown at Big Boi’s way.

“It’s just cute to me how Big Boi thinks moms back in the day weren’t busting it open. How you think you got here? By faith?” tweeted one follower.

Some fans were supportive of Big Boi’s critical tweet. “If you weren’t interwebs twerking, IG stuntin’, or putting it on the glass, Big Boi wasn’t talking about you. Save graduation pics for mama,” wrote one person.

Read some of the heated reactions below.

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