Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Shows His Support for Bernie Sanders at a...

Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Shows His Support for Bernie Sanders at a Wisconsin Rally


Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon was at a rally in his hometown of Eau Clarie, WA to support Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Earlier this morning, Vernon introduced Senator Sanders in front of thousands at the W.L. Zorn Arena at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. “Hi everybody. I'm very honored to be here today. We have an immense freedom in this nation, and with that freedom comes the greatest responsibility known to the people on this planet. That's why I'm here to introduce Senator Sanders.”

Vernon was passionate about his speech, believing that Sanders understands every person regardless of race or gender is created equal.

“For some of the candidates I feel the personal and political nature of this opportunity has eclipsed their obligation to the people and some have lost sight of the idea that every person is created equal. That every person has the right to have their life protected within the integrity of justice, their liberties celebrated and their pursuit of happiness fully allowed.”

“I feel that Senator Sanders looks at this as not a personal opportunity but as a charge with which only he has the courage and ability to fulfill. We have this great country. We have this human chance to take care of this freedom. To make good on its promise. To do what others couldn’t do before us.”

Vernon joins Killer Mike, who has been vocal for his support of Senator Sanders, recently telling us that he compares his values to Martin Luther King Jr.’s.

You can watch his full speech above.