Boogie Drops His New Track "Two Days"

Boogie Drops His New Track "Two Days"


Compton rapper Boogie debuted his new song "Two Days" Wednesday. The upbeat track is from his upcoming project Thirst 48 Part II, which serves as the sequel to his 2014 mixtape. "You say you love me then turn around and say fuck me/I ain't seen you like in two days," he raps."Loving that dog filter but hating when I say bitch/I see you unfollowed me, got your ratio popping/You know I've been lurking, you've been erasing my comments."

Boogie explained the inspiration behind the song in an interview with Fader. "In the first tape, I introduced these feelings I had for my best friend; that whole tape was me going through that whole thing with her because I felt like finally starting a relationship," he said. "Three years later, we still going through the same shit. We broke up around the time of the tape so it was more so me talking about how I haven’t talked to her, and relationship problems."

He also talked about what went into creating the sequel to his Thirst 48 mixtape. "I know on the first tape I was talking about how everybody else was thirsty and I really didn’t feel like I opened as much as I could have. This time it’s more focused around my flaws. This time around I really open up about a lot of stuff," he said.

You can listen to Boogie's "Two Days" in the video above, and check out the rest of his interview on Fader