Bow Wow Finally Addresses His Explanation of Where the Dab Came From

Bow Wow Finally Addresses His Explanation of Where the Dab Came From


Bow Wow, the former Cash Money signee who is coming off that #fail during the Grammys pre-show, is addressing another incident he took an L from.

Remember when Bow Wow posted a video online of him attempting to explain the origins of the dab? Well, he’s finally sharing his thoughts on the situation that elicit a response from Migos. Here’s what he tells Real Talk NY, which you can also watch above.

“The word dab, dabbin’. That’s apart of smoker’s culture. Dab rigs. Concentrates. That’s dabbin’. That’s called taking a dab. I got friends who are super bonafide stoners, and [Shaggy, close friend of Bow Wow's] said that to me. I don’t why they took it out of context to where it was like overhype everything I say. We didn’t mean nothing by it. Like I said, it’s a dance. I’m not beefing over a dance.”

He goes on to say he has no issues with Migos even after their public back and forth on Twitter.

“If they felt like they invented the dab movement, if they felt like they took that terminology, dab, and made it a dance. If they felt like that’s theirs, they have a right to feel some type of way if that’s how they feel. If they feel like we as the ones who created it, not from the other thing, then by all means, it’s OK. It’s all good.”

Bow Wow also says he actually has a track with Migos and Jermaine Dupri called “Been That Nigga” that was made before their beef. Maybe now that Bow Wow has cleared the air we can get to hear it.