Cam'ron Discusses Drake, Kool G Rap, and Being Dapper With Nardwuar

Cam'ron Discusses Drake, Kool G Rap, and Being Dapper With Nardwuar


Following his masterful hour-long interview with Drake and Noah “40” Shebib in May, Nardwuar has returned with an equally masterful one-on-one with the inimitable Cam’ron. The discussion, which took place during a Smokers Club Tour stop in Vancouver, kicked off with a generous offering from Nardwuar: a pristine Kool G Rap and DJ Polo record.

“One of my favorite artists ever,” Cam’ron said of the legacy of Queens legend Kool G Rap. “He inspired me to rap because I still got a lisp and he raps with a lisp.” Looking back on his early record-buying days, Cam’ron also shouted out his favorite shop Black Market. “They used to sell, like, cassette tapes and stuff like that,” he said, adding that he got his first Kool G Rap album when he was 11.

Nardwuar then asked Cam’ron about the highly rewatchable Drake interview he did, in which the 6ix god had nothing but praise for the Dipset founder. “I stay dapper,” Cam’ron said in response to Drake’s enthusiastic co-sign of his distinctive look on the cover of the 1998 Mase collab “Horse & Carriage,” which was the lead single to his debut album Confessions of Fire. “I’m always dapper. I’m dapper now actually.” Indeed, Cam’ron. Indeed.

But what’s it like to be Cam’ron in 2016? Apparently pretty damn great. “I don’t care if you care or not,” Cam’ron said. “That’s why people care because I really don’t give a fuck if you like me or you don’t like me. You like me or you hate me. There’s really no in between.”

Peep the full interview above, then revisit Cam’ron’s recent Juelz Santana collab “Oh Yeah” to ring in the weekend.