Chance The Rapper Calls Out Chicago’s WhirlyBall for Racist Policies

Chance The Rapper Calls Out Chicago’s WhirlyBall for Racist Policies


Chance The Rapper Calls Out Chicagos WhirlyBall for Racist Policies news

For those who don’t know, WhirlyBall is one of Chicago’s premier recreational institution. The best way to describe it is as a cross between bumper cars, lacrosse, and Quidditch. As recently as the Reddit AMA he hosted last month, Chance The Rapper described it as one of his favorite things to do in his free time. It’s really fun!

Unfortunately, events that transpired Friday night have caused Chance to cross WhirlyBall forever off of his fun activities list. Apparently, the Chicago rapper and some of his friends went out to try and get in on some Whirly action, but were hassled at the front door by some of the staff because of a new dress code that the facility put into place recently.

Chance didn’t take the snub lightly and tweeted out to his 1.76 million followers, “Don’t go to Whirly Ball, it’s very inaccessible if you’re black or friends with black people, they’ve clearly outlined in their dress code.”

According to the company’s website, they prohibit the wear of baggy clothing and sleeveless clothing. “All hats must be properly worn, either straight forward, or straight back,” and “pants must be worn at the waistline with a belt tightened properly.”

We’ve reached out to WhirlyBall for comment, but in the meantime, you can read the rest of Chance’s tweets below.