Chance the Rapper's Reaction to Beyoncé Crashing His VMA Interview Is the...

Chance the Rapper's Reaction to Beyoncé Crashing His VMA Interview Is the Best Thing Ever



Chance the Rapper is a famous celebrity nowadays, but even he can’t resist freaking out about Beyoncé. In an awesome clip posted by MTV early Monday morning, Chance is seen giving a backstage interview at the VMAs when he feels someone rest their head on his shoulder. He turns around to see that the interview crasher is none other than Beyoncé—and proceeds to totally lose it. “Oh my God, that was awesome,” he yells before running over to greet her. After a short conversation, he returns to dance around the interviewer, yells “This my life!” and then runs off.

It’s not the first time Chance and Beyoncé have met. Back in June, he posted a photo of him clowning around with Bey and Jay Z.

Still, the excitement on his face is really fun to see. It’s always interesting watching stars get starstruck.

Chance seemed to have a great time at the VMAs this year. Although he didn’t walk away with a moon man, he still stunted on the white carpet in a pair of khaki-colored overalls. He also used his interview time to talk about his promotion of independent artists, and he generally looked like he was having fun hanging out with the other celebrities.

You can check out the awesome Chance the Rapper/Beyoncé interaction in the video above. You can also relive all the night’s performances here and check out the full list of winners here.