Check Out Reignwolf’s New Mike Dean-Produced Single “Hardcore"

Check Out Reignwolf’s New Mike Dean-Produced Single “Hardcore"


One-man blues rock guitarist Reignwolf has dropped a gnarly new track titled “Hardcore.” Produced by the legendary Mike Dean, the song is a pulsing, fierce, and foreboding mash-up of Reignwolf, aka Jordan Cook’s, proclivity for soaring, gritty vocals mixed with Dean’s expertly arranged drum and keyboard lines.

Talking to the Fader, Reignwolf described how “Hardcore” came together:

“Inspired by a friend’s dark past, I recorded “Hardcore” in an attic in Hastings, UK with my longtime collaborator, Blair Mackichan, earlier this year. The demo came to life after sending it to producer, Mike Dean. I’ve admired his work for a while now and having him put his footprint on it takes it to the next level.”

As a musician, Reignwolf has drawn a lot of comparisons in the past to White Stripes founder Jack White because of his stripped down, cranked up approach to blues rock. He’s actually taken things even father than White did in his bare bones approach, having opened for heavy metal Gods Black Sabbath as a one-man band.

He’s received a lot of exposure in recent years for his unique brand of contemporary, savage rock from some of the biggest names and publications on the planet. Just recently, he received a major co-sign from the legendary music critic and director Cameron Crowe who tapped Reignwolf to appear in the second episode of his Showtime series Roadies.

Check out Reignwolf’s latest song “Hardcore” in the video at the top of the page.