Chris Brown Has Some Harsh Words For Donald Trump

Chris Brown Has Some Harsh Words For Donald Trump


Mac Miller was the latest rapper to speak out against Donald Trump last night, taking him to task on the Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore. Now it looks like Chris Brown is joining the club by making his thoughts known on the controversial presidential candidate. Following yet another disheartening report of a black person being assaulted at a Trump rally, Brown spoke out on Instagram, and he didn’t hold back his true feelings. “Man, this shit is getting crazy,” he began. “Black people getting assaulted at rallies where you’re supposed to talk at. Trump and all that bullshit. What you need to start doing is all these black people go together. 40 or 50 deep. See what they do then. Keep touching us motherfucker.”

He also added the caption “FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK THE PIGS????! TO SEE THIS EVIL SHIT IS SO WRONG! GOD WILL HAVE HIS REVENGE! TRUST ME! ??.” While the rhetoric is strong, the violent and racist incidents at Trump’s political events keep piling up. Just yesterday, a group of black protesters were forcibly removed from one of his rallies in North Carolina, and a Fayetteville man named Rakeem Jones was punched in the face by one of his supporters. This follows a Black Lives Matter protester being kicked and pushed at a Trump event in Birmingham, Ala. back in November. With these incidents continuing, it’s likely that more celebrities and public figures will be speaking out against the concerning pattern and rhetoric.

You can watch Brown’s Instagram video message below.

FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK THE PIGS????! TO SEE THIS EVIL SHIT IS SO WRONG! GOD WILL HAVE HIS REVENGE! TRUST ME! ?? WITHOUT OUR BLACK CULTURE, ASIAN CULTURE, LATIN CULTURE, MUSLIMS, AND ANY RACE THAT YOU DONT APPROVE OF HELP YOU TO BE WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE. NOT TO MENTION WE ARE THE MOST CREATIVE,OPPRESSED, resilient, And HARD WORKERS, without out us your just another simple minded scared little man. WHEN MAKE FASHION, WE MAKE WHITE ARTIST WANNA BE US, White girls singing R&B OLD VIBE SONGS and its the best thing since sliced bread? BRANDY AND BEYONCE SING CIRCLES AROUND YALL CLONES! until the poeple in these power positions start showing humility and a actual love for everyone in AMERICA and the whole world. Ain't nobody stupid my nigga. People are so afraid to say shit because y'all just find a way to kill our leaders!!!! WHO THE FUCK U THINK CLEANS YOUR HOTELS AND WORKS HARD TO FEED A WHOLE FAMILY. US"! YOU A BITCH,, ALWAYS BEEN A PUSSY! I ain't running for no political offices nor don't I want to be apart of the devision of (Devil)race. FIRST THING YALL do IS BRING GOD IN it. DONT PLAY WITH POWERS U don't understand. Ok… Ok…ok… ALL JOKES ASIDE,……FUCK TRUMP! #FUCKTRUMP

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