Chuck D’s Father, Lorenzo Ridenhour, Dies

Chuck D’s Father, Lorenzo Ridenhour, Dies


Chuck D’s beloved father, Lorenzo Douglas Ridenhour, has passed away.

Bomb Squad producer Keith Shocklee reported the sad news on his Facebook page on Monday (Feb. 8). No word on the cause of death.

“I want to send my deepest condolences to my friend my partner my homie my brother Chuck D and to my extended family The Ridenhour’s. We lost and I can say this our Dad Mr. Lorenzo Ridenhour. We will surely miss you and your stories about your life travels,” he wrote in his post.

Much of Chuck D’s activism in his music were directly influenced by his father and mother who were both activists in their own right. A veteran of the Marines, Chuck D’s dad was a huge New York sports fan and a tireless worker who took pride in taking care of his family.

In 1992, Chuck and his father partnered up to launch Rapp Style clothing line. It was a successful brand for several years before it floundered due to lack of financial backing.

On Wednesday (Feb. 10), the Public Enemy frontman went on his official website and posted a tribute to his late father, whom he called his “Superhero.” The missive reads in part:

My Father is my hero; my Dad is my Superhero. He raised many boys and young men into confident, caring human beings. He shaped me for 55 years on Earth. When I felt lost and a bit off-track, he had some God-given ability to untwist me and put me back into focus.

My Dad was as stand up a man as I ever seen. He championed young fathers, saying that they deserve more credit in today’s society. He stood up for women, wives, and mothers just as strongly. Nearly everyone thinks their parent is amazing; I told my father many times he is my Superhero with a heart.”

You can read the rest of Chuck D’s elegiac message about his dad by clicking on the link in his tweet below.

We want to send our heartfelt condolences to Chuck D and the Ridenhour family. May he rest in peace.