Corey Feldman Gives Bizarre Performance on 'The Today Show'

Corey Feldman Gives Bizarre Performance on 'The Today Show'


Corey Feldman is best known as a 1980s teen heartthrob, with star turns in movies like Stand By MeThe Lost Boys, and License to Drive. But over the years, he has attempted a second act as a pop singer. His latest try at that, a bizarre performance on The Today Show on Friday, confused far more people than it won over.

Feldman performed along with his band Corey's Angels—young women literally dressed in angel costumes. Somewhat creepily, he said that "created" the band "to help girls who are kind of lost and needing to find their way."

But the pre-show banter was nothing compared to the song itself. The band's performance of "Go 4 It" featured Feldman engaging in some strange dance moves that he claimed were inspired by his onetime friend Michael Jackson. 

And yes, there was dabbing.

Towards the end of the song, Dr. Ice of Whodini showed up for a guest verse out of nowhere, imploring the audience to "just watch Feldman twerk." The whole situation was so out there that even stars took notice.

You can see Feldman and Corey's Angels perform "Go 4 It" in its entirety above (at least, until NBC discovers the clip and rips it off the Internet).