Countess Vaughn Is Getting Roasted on Twitter for 'Do You Love Him'...

Countess Vaughn Is Getting Roasted on Twitter for 'Do You Love Him' Video


Countess Vaughn is best remembered for role as Kimberly Parker on sitcom The Parkers. Recently, she reintroduced herself to a new audience on TV One’s reality series, Hollywood Divas. And now, we have this video.

Apparently, the actress is pursuing a singing career and premiered her new music video for “Do You Love Him.” And let’s just say the clip is, um, bizarre.

The visual features Vaughn giving her no-good boyfriend his comeuppance after her friend caught him cheating on Vaughn. But what makes the video strange is that everything is in slow motion and possibly out of sequence.

Unfortunately, Vaughn is now trending on Twitter because folks are roasting her to oblivion.

“If Countess Vaughn claims that she has real friends then she damn sure doesn’t need any enemies. That video and song is horrifying,” tweeted one person.

Another follower commented, “If that Countess video was satire, it would be brilliant & deserving of a Peabody or something. But she was serious so we gotta pray. Amen!”

If you have three minutes to spare (and if you are looking for a laugh), then check out Countess Vaughn’s new video above. Brace yourself.