Craig Mack Appears In Weird Video Rapping In Church: 'Praise the Lord'

Craig Mack Appears In Weird Video Rapping In Church: 'Praise the Lord'


When Diddy held his Bad Boy Family Reunion concert in New York last weekend, one artist that was mysteriously absent was Craig Mack. Well, we found him.

A video surfaced online of Craig Mack rapping about God to a congregation in a church. According to reports, it appears that Mack is a follower of the Overcomer Ministry in South Carolina.

In the clip, which was recorded during a May 21 service, the former Bad Boy rhymer appears next to the group’s elderly preacher Ralph Gordon Stair. Mack yells “Praise the Lord” repeatedly as Stair appears to be talking about how today’s music desecrates the Lord’s name.

Stair then asks Mack to kick an acapella (or “freestyle”). While Mack still has his acrobatic flow, he’s not kicking any “Flava In Ya Ear” rhymes. Instead, he’s bigging up the Lord and embracing his newfound faith.

“You see, praising the Lord is easy for me,” he raps. “Craig Mack is where he supposed to be.”

“Now y’all ask the question, where is Craig Mack? / Then YouTube played me at the Tabernac, he adds explaining his transition. “I sold my home, I moved by family / South Carolina so they can stay mad at me / If I stayed in New York, it’s just another tragedy / So, God cleaned me up, while y’all still raggedy.”

During his rap, Mack refers to his spiritual ode “When God Comes” from his debut album, Project: Funk da World.

Whenever happened to Craig Mack, he’s certainly kicking new spiritual flavor. Watch the bizarre video above and tell us what you think in the comments below.