Dawn Richard Joins Kingdom For "Honest"

Dawn Richard Joins Kingdom For "Honest"


Dawn Richard Joins Kingdom For "Honest" news

Not enough has been said about the promising state of R&B right now. Still, with Dawn Richard so thoroughly killing it right now, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up. As Dawn puts it herself, “I think people are starving for something new but have no idea what it is. We’ve been force fed what to like for way too long. I think we need to be reprogrammed. We need to start thinking for ourselves and going out, seeking what we want… Change is inevitable, boxes are ancient. No need to live in them anymore.” Hear hear. And if anyone’s up to the challenge of aiding Richard in her quest to improve music and expand our minds, it’s R&B connoisseur and Fade To Mind boss, Kingdom. The pairing of Richard’s striking vocals and Kingdom’s ultra-detailed, breaks-infused production is a superb one and something we urgently need to hear more of.

[via FADER]