Dr. Dre and Flo Rida Are Reportedly Being Sued For Not Showing...

Dr. Dre and Flo Rida Are Reportedly Being Sued For Not Showing Up to a Charity Party at the Playboy Mansion


Dr. Dre​, Flo Rida​, and several members of their respective entourages have been named in a lawsuit filed by City Project Gala, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The report states that Dr. Dre and Flo Rida failed to show up to the charity's post-Grammys event at the Playboy Mansion and, rather, sent crew members to instead. Reportedly, the lawsuit is for a total of $390,000 under the grounds of breach of contract. The report states that a lawyer for Dr. Dre has already requested that the case be dismissed because Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment did not appear on the original contracts.

Diddy, Richard BransonBuzz Aldrin, and more were all in attendance during the event back in February. According to the report, the VIP packages available for the charity party included $25,000 cabanas at the mansion and backstage passes worth $10,000. The organizers are reportedly not just upset that Dr. Dre and Flo Rida didn't show up, but that the members of their entourages were “loud, obnoxious, and physically assaulting other guests” during the party.

The event organizers reportedly only found out about Dr. Dre not being in attendance after pictures were posted of him in China the next day. Again, it's unclear if Dr. Dre was required to attend, as Dre's lawyer stated in the report that neither his name nor Aftermath appear on the contracts. We've reached out to the City Gala for comment on this story and will continue to update as more details are made available.