Drake's "Childs Play" Video Director Says the Tyra Banks Cake Scene Only...

Drake's "Childs Play" Video Director Says the Tyra Banks Cake Scene Only Required One Take


Drake unleashed his 12-minute video for "Childs Play" this weekend, and a lot of attention was placed on his dramatic fight with Tyra Banks at the Cheesecake Factory. Everyone knew that "Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake/You know I love to go there" was one of the oddest lines of VIEWS, but seeing it play out in real time was quite an experience.

Pitchfork interviewed Spiff TV, who co-directed the video alongside Drake, about the process of filming it. According to him, the Cheesecake scene only required one take. "I wanted to try to do it two times, but we ended up doing it in one take. The first take was the money shot. We were prepared with the extra wardrobe and everything if we had to do it again. But I saw that once we had it, we had it, you know?" he said.

Unfortunately for purists, the scene was not actually filmed inside a real Cheesecake Factory. "I had the art department make the menus and have the kind of Cheesecake Factory type of print, but if you look closely it has the 6 hands or the prayer hands in the middle," Spiff explained.

He also discussed the Texas Hammer Jr. character played by OVO's OB OBrien. "OB, he’s a dope rapper and like a comedian. So, there’s a guy in Houston whose name is Texas Hammer and he’s like a lawyer… He has these informercials that are hilarious if you pull them up on YouTube. Funny as shit. So, that’s where the idea came from, and [OB] became the Texas Hammer Jr., his son," he said.

If you can't get the image of a cake-smeared Drake out of your head, you can check out a collection of all the best GIFs from the video here.