Drake’s Dad is Gearing Up for a Musical Comeback

Drake’s Dad is Gearing Up for a Musical Comeback


Drake’s dad has become a social media fixture as his son blew up to be one of the biggest rappers in the game, and people love him for it. But are they ready for Dennis Graham to make his big comeback in music?

If not, they’d better buckle up, because it’s on its way. TMZ obtained some footage of a music video Drake’s dad apparently shot recently. The song actually isn’t too bad, hitting a smooth R&B vibe that would probably sit pretty well with an adult contemporary crowd. “It’s kinda crazy, but I’m feeling you underneath my skin,” he sings. “I think it’s where my obsession begins.” The video finds him sitting on a grand throne in a smokey room with candles, rocking a an OVO owl chain that Drake no doubt hooked him up with.

Mr. Graham does have a musical background. He was once a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis, a famous singer and pianist. He’s never done much solo work of note, but with the huge platform that Drake affords anyone who is even tangentially connected to him, it’s not hard to imagine him being hooked up with some high quality producers and a top-notch marketing team. We’re not holding our breath for him eclipsing his son in popularity, but then again, Baby Boomer audiences are way more likely to actually purchase CDs.

While we wait for more news about Dennis Graham’s budding solo career, you can check out the video clip of his music video above via TMZ. In other Father Graham news, Drake had some fun with his pops on Instagram last night, which you can watch below.