Drunk Man Tries to Out Sing R. Kelly Who Thinks He's an...

Drunk Man Tries to Out Sing R. Kelly Who Thinks He's an Imposter [VIDEO]


Whenever R. Kelly touches down in a city, he loves interacting with the people. During his recent trip to Jacksonville, Fla., the R&B vet ran into a drunk guy who tried to out sing him. And it was all caught on video.

In a clip shot by DJ Dr. Doom, a white man, who appears to be very intoxicated, accused the Chicago singer of being an imposter. He then bets DJ Dr. Doom a $100 that R. Kelly can’t carry a note and challenges him to a sing-off.

Kelly then obliges the drunken man with a rousing a cappella rendition of the intro to “Bump and Grind.” Despite delivering a perfect vocal performance, the drunken man wasn’t convinced it was the real R. Kelly.

In fact, the intoxicated guy tried to out-sing him when his sorry “White Boy” rendition of “Bump and Grind,” which he failed miserably.

Unfortunately for DJ Dr. Doom, the white guy didn’t have a $100 but he did have $15 to spare.

In the end, it was all fun and games. No harm, no foul.

But let this be a lesson to anyone who likes to get drunk like a skunk. If someone approaches you and can sing “Bump and Grind” a cappella perfectly, it might be R. Kelly.

Watch the hilarious video above.