Dwyane Wade Reacts to Prince Referring to Him as His "Favorite Player"...

Dwyane Wade Reacts to Prince Referring to Him as His "Favorite Player" in 2012 Interview


Dwyane Wade cried during the national anthem

Dwyane Wade appeared to get very emotional prior to the Heat’s Game 7 against the Hornets yesterday afternoon. A tear seemed to fall from his eye as the National Anthem played, and later on, ABC commentator Mike Breen pointed it out during the live broadcast of the game. You can see D-Wade appear to cry in the clip above.

Wade addressed the tears on Twitter today and said that he was not crying. But while explaining himself, Wade said that he may have gotten a little bit emotional today when a fan sent him a clip of a 2012 interview that model Damaris Lewis did with Prince. In the interview, Prince called Wade his “favorite player.” You can listen to it here:

Prince's New Girlfirend Damaris Lewis Wakes Up PRINCE For Rare Live Interview!

Wade had apparently never heard the interview before, and he admitted that it had a big impact on him when he heard it today:

You can hear what Wade had to say about Prince after his recent death below:

NBA ESPN Dwyane Wade remembers Prince

Prince was a huge basketball fan, so it’s not surprising to hear that he loved Wade. But still, it must have been really cool for Wade to hear what Prince said about him.

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