Earl Sweatshirt Shares His New Track "Death Whistles"

Earl Sweatshirt Shares His New Track "Death Whistles"


Earl Sweatshirt continues his run of dropping music with his new track "Death Whistles." He played the track during his RBMA radio show Stay Inside. The most recent episode found him and Knxwledge chopping it up about their work style and favorite jazz songs. In the midst of that, Earl decided to unleash "Death Whistles" for the fans.

The song is typically morose, with Earl rapping hazily about his reclusive tendencies. "Check the weather/Never mind, I ain't in the mood/Eyes settled on the prize/Bitch I'm in the loop," he spits. "Niggas know not to hit me/I don't get too many calls." During the introduction to the song, Earl shouts out "Edgar," whom many fans will recognize is Edgar the Beatmaker, the producer alter-ego for King Krule. Krule obviously handles the track's production.

Knxwledge and Earl recently put out the single "Balance" in collaboration with Adult Swim's singles series. Earl also dropped the instrumental "Pelicula" back in the beginning of August, first signaling his return to regularly putting out tracks after a quiet start to 2016. Aside from his own songs, he's also set to appear on a track off Danny Brown's upcoming album Atrocity Exhibition. Earl will rap alongside Kendrick Lamar for the first time, as well as Brown and Ab-Soul. The album is due out Sept. 30, and fans are getting very excited about how the collaboration is going to turn out.

You can check out Earl Sweatshirt's "Death Whistles" above, and listen to he and Knxwledge's entire radio show spot in the video below.