Ebro Darden Reacts to Eminem’s Appearance At Drake’s Show in Detroit

Ebro Darden Reacts to Eminem’s Appearance At Drake’s Show in Detroit


Ebro Darden Reacts to Eminems Appearance At Drakes Show in Detroit news

After Eminem showed up at Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” Tour stop in Detroit Tuesday night and squashed any social media rumors that the pair had beef, the internet was looking for someone to blame. Some of the heat got directed at the Hot 97 crew, and Ebro Darden in particular, because of their role in propagating the rumors that Eminem was going to release a Drake diss. Although Ebro later said he was joking, his claims were thought to be part of the reason why Drake dissed the radio station on stage at Madison Square Garden. Since Em and Drake appeared on stage together and Drake called him “the greatest rapper to ever touch the mic,” many people on social media claimed that Ebro took the L in the situation.

Naturally, the Ebro in the Morning crew decided to respond to the criticism during their show today. They were mostly chill about it, brushing off the idea that anyone should be surprised or angry about their appearance together. “The fact that people were tweeting like ‘Ebro is gonna be so mad.’ Why? That’s great,” said Laura Stylez. Ebro noted that it was a big deal, mostly because “Eminem doesn’t come out for much.” Nonetheless, he dismissed any semblance of controversy. “Why wouldn’t he come out and support one of the biggest right now in hip-hop, Drake? In Detroit.”

You can check out their conversation about the concert appearance below, and see coverage of the event here.

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