Eminem is Re-Releasing ‘The Slim Shady LP’ on Cassette

Eminem is Re-Releasing ‘The Slim Shady LP’ on Cassette


The vinyl renaissance is a phenomenon that’s been well-covered in the media, but bubbling up just under the surface is the return of another formerly maligned format: the cassette tape. Because of how cheap they are to reproduce combined with a linger sense of nostalgia, cassettes have quietly made a significant comeback in the musical marketplace. One figure who seems especially excited about this return to tape is Detroit rapper Eminem who has decided to re-release his 1999 sophomore album The Slim Shady LP on cassette.

#SSLP Cassette re-issue coming soon. Link in bio for more info.

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The Slim Shady LP was a smash success when it debuted on February 23, 1999 and eventually went on to sell well over five million copies. While it might be odd to re-release a record outside any kind of anniversary these days, it seems like Eminem’s sheer fondness for cassettes has compelled him to revisit this album. As he posted on Instagram a little while back, he’s got his own tape collection at home stocked with classics by N.W.A, Biz Markie, LL Cool J, and Public Enemy to name but a few.

Been working on my cassette collection…

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In addition to the tape, Eminem looks poised to release a set of exclusive Slim Shady LP mechandise as well which you can check out over at his Shady Records website.

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