Eskimo Dance: The Essential Grime Experience

Eskimo Dance: The Essential Grime Experience


Let's get it straight: grime is an energy. The icy synths, raging bass and braggadocios bars are the elements that compel you to screwface as a sign of appreciation for the vibrations. It's the way the emcees battle for the mic to generate the most chaos from a crowd. It's that, who's got a Nokia? Take that what! attitude. You're in the midst of a grime revival—can you feel the sweat dripping down your neck? Can you smell clammy adolescents with a forgetful fear of deodorant? If not, you're in the wrong place and you might as well be watching a Coldplay gig. Eskimo Dance, one of the biggest and most well-known grime events, has been touring the UK in all major cities this yearwith our highlight being London's Mar. 5 date, where they delivered the sound in its original form to the masses one reload at a time. 

Since the alleged signing of Drake to Boy Better Know—and that globally-reported appearance at a Section Boyz showmost London nights that play only a sprinkling of grime grit in their sets have been jam-packed (and even shut down) with the fidgety excitement of a potential Aubrey arrival. Eski freezed up that hype and left it outside for the foxes, with no 'take care' notes in sight. Fans were there to see President T, and welcome back Solo 45 with a flying gun-finger. It was refreshing to witness a room full of just-turned-18-year-old's step out from behind their laptops and experience grime IRL live in the flesh. Here are some of our best moments from the March 5 event held at Building Six.