Fetty Wap Returns to High School in Video for His Graduation Anthem,...

Fetty Wap Returns to High School in Video for His Graduation Anthem, "Wake Up"


Fetty Wap – Wake Up [Official Video]

Fetty Wap has been releasing a ton of new music lately and on Thursday, his latest single, “Wake Up,” gets the official video treatment. The visual opens up with a special message from Fetty soundtracked by the sound of snoring. “I went back to my old high school to shoot this video. A nobody, high school dropout now known worldwide as Fetty Wap. Celebrate everyday, roll something up and define your own path.” In the video, Fetty takes it back to his alma mater, East Side High School in Paterson, New Jersey, and walks the smoky halls as he raps about getting Wiz Khalifa high and points out all the future billionaires sitting at the same desks in the same classrooms Fetty once sat at before he found his success.

In April, Fetty dropped the song with a note dedicating the track to the class of #ZOO16. “This song is for everyone that celebrates 4/20 all year but still passes that math test,” he wrote. “This song is for everyone that might not be in the top of their class or most popular but you still know where you’re headed, just riding on your own path.”

The “Wake Up” video isn’t the first time Fetty has shown love for his hometown. Earlier this month, he dropped a summer heater with Monty titled, “Victor Cruz,” that celebrated his fellow Paterson native and New York Giants wide receiver.

Along with “Wake Up,” Fetty dropped three other new tracks last month including his Snoop Dogg collaboration “Westside,” “Queen of the Zoo,” and “My Environment.” “Throw your caps in the air like you know you made it” and watch Fetty’s new video for “Wake Up” above.