Fetty Wap Spits Bars in New Song 'Zoovie Zoo'

Fetty Wap Spits Bars in New Song 'Zoovie Zoo'


Fetty Wap Spits Bars in New Song 'Zoovie Zoo' news
Fetty Wap Spits Bars in New Song 'Zoovie Zoo' news

Fetty Wap is bringing new heat for 2016 in his latest track “Zoovie Zoo.”

The “Trap Queen” rapper has been fairly silent since his reign in 2015 with three back-to-back hit songs (“Trap Queen,” “679” and “My Way.”) But unlike his previous hits, the 24-year-old abandons his usual sing-rap style in favor of spitting straight bars.

“I am amazing with these hoods, that’s why I stay relevant / To anybody who won’t let me, make sure your shit platinum / Past gold 8 times, now I might go diamond / Young n—- from the hood, got my whole camp shining / I do not skateboard / But my whole camp grindin,” rhymes the Jersey native before he boasts about being a “smooth motherf—–.”

Wap is definitely feeling himself on this track — and who could blame him. His come-up has been filled with success despite a few setbacks and scandals. He also raps about it in his latest track.

“Remember bitches tryin’ play me way back in the days / I got my money right / Fresh shape, but with the brays / I laid the ‘Trap Queen,’ them hoes look like ‘He singin’ this s—‘ / Or is it autotune or is he really singing this s—?’”

After Wap dropped his “new sounds,” his fans were quick to share their love for the new track. “You aint heard of zoovie zoo he a savage,” read one tweet while another wrote “that song go hard” with a few “100” emojis.

It’s lit. Check out the track below as well as what tweeters are saying about it.

Listen to Fetty Wap’s “Zoovie Zoo”