Frank Ocean Debuts "Nikes" Video on Apple Music

Frank Ocean Debuts "Nikes" Video on Apple Music


Frank Ocean is already back with new material, as the reclusive singer just debuted his new song “Nikes” and the accompanying video on Apple Music. Of course, the release of “Nikes” comes one night after Frank released his new visual album, Endless, on the streaming service, which officially broke his four-year hiatus.

The video for “Nikes” is a whirlwind of emotion, as the NSFW clips include shots of A$AP Rocky holding up a photo of A$AP Yams and Frank holding up a picture of Trayvon Martin. The release of the video isn’t a complete shock, as Apple reportedly warned Rolling Stone on Thursday night that more material from Frank was coming out this weekend. Most thought this meant his album, which was once titled Boys Don’t Cry, but has reportedly been changed, was set to release this weekend.

And while the second album might still be coming, it appears that Frank has put a lot of time and energy into the “Nikes” visual, which features a scene where he sets himself on fire. What this means in the grand scheme of what Frank is planning continues to be a mystery, but it’s clear that he’s got a plan and rolling it out under his own terms. Whether or not more new material comes out this weekend remains to be seen, but for now, you can watch Frank Ocean’s new video for “Nikes” above. You can check out his Endless album here and we’ll continue to update you with everything Frank Ocean as more information comes out.