From ‘LEMONADE’ to Watermelon: Beyoncé Launches New Business Venture

From ‘LEMONADE’ to Watermelon: Beyoncé Launches New Business Venture


From ‘LEMONADE to Watermelon: Beyoncé Launches New Business Venture news

Beyoncé announced her investment in WTRMLN WTR, a three-year old company that sells bottled, cold-pressed watermelon juice, on Tuesday morning.

WTRMLN WTR partners with American farmers to use melons that would typically be thrown out due to their unattractive appearance—so-called “ugly fruit”—in making their product. Aside from a few drops of organic lemon juice, the dr contains only pure watermelon juice.

This business investment comes on the heels of Beyoncé’s sixth studio album, LEMONADE, which she debuted as a surprise during an hour-long event on HBO last month. The project topped the Billboard 200 albums chart upon its release, selling more than 600,000 copies in the first week of sales. Later, every one of its singles debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which broke a record that was previously held by Taylor Swift.

Bey says this partnership is more than just a good business move.

“I invested in WTRMLN WTR because it’s the future of clean, natural hydration; as partners, we share a simple mission to deliver accessible wellness to the world,” she said in a press release. “This is more than an investment in a brand, it’s an investment in female leaders, fitness, American farmers, and the health of people and our planet.”

WTRMLN WTR is similarly excited about the deal.

“Beyoncé is aligned with many of our company’s core values, especially our commitment to empowerment and passion to ‘seed change and spread liquid love’ among fitness enthusiasts,” said company founder Jody Levy. “She is an inspiring human whose involvement will help educate the world about the importance of putting clean food and drinks into our bodies so that we can all be happy and healthy.”

The investment joins a growing group of businesses backed by Beyoncé, including her new Ivy Park clothing line and the growing Parkwood Entertainment record label. While her husband, Jay Z, is often praised as a mogul, Bey is showing that her business chops are just as solid as her spouse’s.