Hear Eddie Vedder and Daughter Cover 'Batman' Theme

Hear Eddie Vedder and Daughter Cover 'Batman' Theme


Hear Eddie Vedder and Daughter Cover 'Batman' Theme news

Pearl Jam singer and cool dad Eddie Vedder teamed up with his seven-year-old daughter Harper to record a faithful rendition of the “Batman Theme,” the classic surf rock-inspired opening song from the original, Adam West-starring television series about the Dark Knight. The track debuted earlier this week on Sirius XM’s Pearl Jam Radio.

“It’s amazing how many bands covered the ‘Batman Theme.’ Who covered it? The Jam covered it, the Ventures. We almost thought Ramones but they covered Spider-Man. And I always hoped that our group would cover it one day,” Vedder said during an interview on Pearl Jam Radio. “But we hadn’t, and this summer, I recorded a version with my kids.” After first broadcasting the Who’s 1966 version of the track, Vedder then debuted his and Harper’s rendition.

This isn’t Vedder’s first time collaborating with his daughter: In 2015, father and daughter partnered on “The Traveler,” a 30-second ukulele track that appeared during the end credits and on the soundtrack of the Cameron Crowe film Aloha.