Is Kylie Jenner Becoming a DJ?

Is Kylie Jenner Becoming a DJ?


Is Kylie Jenner Becoming a DJ? news

Kylie Jenner may finally be poised to conquer the music world. King Kylie‘s inaugural performance as a DJ—with a newer laptop than you or any of your friends—was announced by SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Thursday night with a (seemingly) super official flyer:

Finally. After 2015 failed to deliver on its (rumored) promise of Kylie Jenner’s presumably meta first single, news of her DJ debut was a more-than-welcome surprise. We already know Kylie is apparently a massive Marilyn Manson fan. Imagine the potential! A smooth transition from brother-in-law Kanye West‘s “Black Skinhead” into Manson’s “The Beautiful People?” You got it. A brief overview of Tyga’s discography? Probably not.

Kylie promptly fired up the poetweet machine to provide a few more details on her DJ debut, thrusting the hype into overdrive ahead of the May 29 throwdown:

Wait. What? Goddamnit internet!

Despite Kylie denying the booking ever took place, the club’s website appears to still be offering tickets starting at $35. SLS Las Vegas did not immediately respond to Complex’s request for comment, though noted DJ Mr. Dead-mow-five was kind enough to gift the world with an insider’s perspective:

Confusingly, Deadmau5 then went in on some dude named Kyle:

Apologies to Kyle.