Is More New Beyoncé Coming Soon?

Is More New Beyoncé Coming Soon?


Is More New Beyoncé Coming Soon? news

Boots previewed a snippet of a new song from Beyoncé on his Instagram story Monday night. Although it’s only four seconds, the clip clearly contains a bit of a new song from Bey.

As the Beyoncé Family Twitter page points out, Boots was later seen on Instagram FaceTiming with someone who may also be Beyoncé.

It’s worth noting that Boots later deleted the clip off his Instagram story, perhaps because the song wasn’t supposed to be heard yet. Bey is famously secretive about her music, so any unplanned rollout of new material is likely to be an issue for her.

Naturally, many fans were hopeful that this could mean new music from Beyoncé is on the way soon. Boots previously worked with Bey on her self-titled 2013 album, and also contributed to LEMONADE​. Many tweeted out their excitement about getting new music from her, especially so soon after LEMONADE released.

Boots later tweeted out some evasive excuses about the incident.

Complex has reached out to Boots for comment and will update when available.