Jamie Foxx Is a Rhinestone '70s Soulster in Funny Verizon Ad

Jamie Foxx Is a Rhinestone '70s Soulster in Funny Verizon Ad


There were a few laughs at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, but a hilarious blend of music and comedy was found during the commercial breaks. On Sunday (Aug. 28), Verizon Wireless released their newest ad featuring their pitchman Jamie Foxx.

The one-minute commercial features Foxx as a 70’s-inspired piano man named Ryan Stoan Cowboy performing “The Best Just Got Better” on a Hammond organ. Looking like an Afro-ed rhinestone cowboy, Foxx croons the benefits of Verizon’s new LTE Advanced service, which has 50 percent faster peak speeds in over 450 cities nationwide.

“Old girl just called me / Get yourself together / ‘Cause on Verizon the network just got better,” he croons.

In other commercials, the 48-year-old singer-actor is outwitting other competing networks who tried to dress and act like him but simply don’t have the savoir faire to pull it off.

No matter if you are a Verizon customer or not, you will love Foxx’s commercials and he’s a very convincing pitchman. Can you hear him now?

When Foxx is not pitching wireless services, he’s working on major television projects like White Famous. The series, which Foxx is co-producing, stars Jay Pharoah as a comedian named Floyd who is struggling to become famous while balancing family life and the grind of the road.

Watch Jamie Foxx’s Verizon ads above and below.