Jammz Is Back With The 'Underdog Season' Mixtape

Jammz Is Back With The 'Underdog Season' Mixtape


Jammz Is Back With The 'Underdog Season' Mixtape news

There’s something about Radar Radio: an indescribable something that creates a hive of activity amongst its already extremely talented team. Today, Jammz and his Radar compatriot Jack Dat have come together for the Underground Season mixtape. There’s been more than a little buzz across social media ever since Jammz announced its impending drop; hardly surprising since he’s one of the most-discussed, most popular of grime’s new generation. There’s a lot to discuss on this one, way too much to go into here, from the producers involved (Gesher, Spooky, Anz, Moleskin, Remarc, Darkness, Trends and Vigo.7R) to the well-aimed MC collabs (P Money, PK, Saint, MicTy) which are both tasteful and restrained since, let’s be honest, he could have had half of the UK on here. Our big take from it all though is that this is Jammz at his finest—diverse beats and a the perfect balance of harder-than-hard bars and a knack for story-telling.