Jimmy Kimmel Asks DJ Khaled 3 Ridiculous Questions, Gets 3 Ridiculous Answers

Jimmy Kimmel Asks DJ Khaled 3 Ridiculous Questions, Gets 3 Ridiculous Answers


If you had the chance to ask the enlightened DJ Khaled just three questions, what would they be? Probably not the ones posed by Jimmy Kimmel over a few sips of Ciroc Thursday, but that’s neither here nor there. Khaled has plenty of knowledge on deck regarding any inquiry you could possibly lob his way. If you’re thinking “I bet he doesn’t have an opinion on ducks with human feet,” then take three seats. You’re sadly mistaken.

“If you know somebody and can’t remember their name, what do you call them?” Kimmel asked politely while pouring our guy Khaled a savory beverage. “Bless up,” Khaled said. “I call everybody Bless Up. It’s called positive vibes.” However, if this mystery person sneezes, Khaled admitted he is forced to change it up a bit: “Bless You,” he said, “but still Bless Up at the same time.” That’s cool and all, but what about those ducks with human feet?

Enter our dear and elusive friend, the unicorn:

“Which would you rather see in person, a unicorn or a duck with human feet?” Kimmel asked, seemingly unaware of the major question he just posed. But Khaled came through with the definitive answer: a unicorn. “It’s special cloth,” Khaled explained. “Like, a duck with human feet? I see that all the time. I see a bunch of ducks out there. They theys.” Daaaamnnnn Khaled. Bring it.

Khaled even made time to give “a shout out to the pilgrims,” before explaining how his beloved Ciroc just might be the answer to all of life’s most pressing questions. Amazing. But back to unicorns: why does the Major Key cover art appear to suffer from a noticeable lack of unicorns?

Ducks with human feet did not immediately respond to Complex’s request for comment.