Justin Bieber Is Obsessed With Pokémon Go Just Like Everyone Else

Justin Bieber Is Obsessed With Pokémon Go Just Like Everyone Else


Justin Bieber is just like everyone else who can’t escape the addiction of Pokémon Go. Bieber is in New York ahead of his Purpose Tour show at Madison Square Garden, but he decided to blow off some steam during his free time Sunday night by going on a massive Pokémon Go chase outside Central Park alongside hundreds of other New Yorkers who were on site to capture a rare Pokémon.

Bieber was spotted by the Apple Store on 59th and 5th Ave shortly after the game generated a Gyarados in the area. A Reddit user reportedly saw Bieber get out of a car with six body guards at around 12:30 a.m., but said he went unnoticed by the crowd of 300 people who were all equally glued to their phones looking for the Pokémon.

However, since this is Bieber, a couple of people definitely noticed his presence. One person caught Bieber running with the crowd in a Snapchat video that was later obtained by TMZ. Another fan spotted Bieber on the street, patiently waiting around with his phone in hand like everyone else. “[Justin Bieber] pulled over to catch a Pokemon. 100 people in the park and no one noticed him because there was a garydos,” the fan captioned his Instagram post.

There really is nothing better than being on tour and being able to catch different Pokémon in every city and Bieber is undoubtedly dominating the game. You can catch Bieber and probably some Pokémon at the rest of his Purpose World Tour dates that will see him traveling around the world through November.