Justin Timberlake Has Been Cast in Woody Allen's New Film

Justin Timberlake Has Been Cast in Woody Allen's New Film


Justin Timberlake Has Been Cast in Woody Allen's New Film news

Woody Allen has released the full cast for his upcoming film, for which there are currently very few other available details. Justin Timberlake will be featured in the film, as well as Kate Winslet, Juno Temple, and Jim Belushi, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This is the first time Timberlake and Allen will work together and will be one of the more prestigious films Timberlake (who has his fair share of shoddy romantic comedies under his belt, along with acclaimed features such as The Social Network) has worked on.

The title of the new movie has not yet been announced, but The Hollywood Reporter reported it will begin filming in New York in fall 2016. The Hollywood Reporter further reported that the film is being produced by Letty Aronson, Erika Aronson, and Edward Walson.

Some people are on Twitter criticizing Timberlake for working with Allen, due to the abuse allegations leveraged against the director:

Allen has long been embroiled in sexual abuse allegation, and has been the subject of heavy scrutiny among other celebrities. Actress Susan Sarandon said at the Cannes Film Festival this year that she had “nothing good to say” about Allen and that she believes he “sexually assaulted a child.”

Others, however, have defended Allen. Recently, Blake Lively, who stars in Allen’s film Cafe Society called him a “very empowering to women.”

Timberlake most recently starred in the animated film Trolls, which premiered at Cannes this year.

Representation for Justin Timberlake did not immediately reply to Complex’s request for comment.