Kanye West Has Made Even More Updates to 'The Life of Pablo'...

Kanye West Has Made Even More Updates to 'The Life of Pablo' on Tidal


Out of all the songs on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo, “Wolves” has the longest, and perhaps the most frustrating history. Originally premiered at the Yeezy Season 1 fashion show, the song bounced around the internet without a CDQ version for over a year. By the time it finally showed up on Tidal, Vic Mensa and Sia had been replaced by Frank Ocean and Caroline Shaw, and the final product sounded pretty underwhelming. Eventually this prompted 'Ye to promise to fix it when he updated the whole album this month.

After dropping an update to “Famous” on Sunday, he promised today would be the day he released an updated version of “Wolves.” As it turned out, not only did he deliver, but he also added a new track called “Frank's Song.” The new version of “Wovles” has Sia and Vic Mensa's parts put back into the song, with Frank Ocean's outro turned into the new track “Frank's Song.” You can stream both songs on Tidal.