Kanye West Is Opening 21 "Pablo" Pop-Up Shops Across the World Friday

Kanye West Is Opening 21 "Pablo" Pop-Up Shops Across the World Friday


Kanye West Is Opening 21 "Pablo" Pop Up Shops Across the World Friday news

Almost every artist you care about has launched a pop-up in New York City in 2016. Justin Bieber, Drake, Future, and Birdman have all launched, or are about to launch, temporary storefronts for their merch. But let’s not forget the man who jump-started this frenzy: Kanye West.

Now, West is set to launch 21 The Life of Pablo pop-up shops across the world Friday. Worldwide, the merchandise will hit cities including Singapore, Amsterdam, and Melbourne, according to Vogue. And in the U.S., Portland, Detroit, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Atlanta will be included. The exact locations will be announced on Kanye’s website 24 hours before they open.

If February’s pop-up is any indication, you’re going to want to show up much earlier. Customers started lining up for West’s first NYC pop-up as early as noon the day before it opened and people at the head of the line were ordering Dominos the day of so they didn’t lose their spot.

West has made sure to tailor and offer different styles at every one of his spots. Even the rained-out Governor’s Ball performance was accompanied by merch that read “New York” in the front. Images of the merch for this pop-up haven’t surfaced yet, and probably won’t until doors open, but we can’t wait to see what West has up his long sleeves. Last time around, New York got customized denim jackets, traditional Pablo gear, as well as merch created by a bootlegger.