Kanye West Promises to Give Away a Free Pair of Yeezys to...

Kanye West Promises to Give Away a Free Pair of Yeezys to Anyone Who Can Figure out the Title of His New Album


News flash people, Kanye West has—yet again—changed the name of his upcoming album. First it was called So Help Me God. Then he changed it to Swish. And then he changed it, again, to Waves and we’re sure you all remember the issues that surrounded that announcement. But ‘Ye has pulled the rug from underneath us unsuspecting mortals and re-christened the album (AGAIN!) to this mysterious acronym, T.L.O.P.

Inconspicuous as ever Mr West didn’t reveal what the term T.L.O.P. meant, but we can assume that this is the 'final' confirmed name for his highly anticipated album which is scheduled to drop this Thursday. Making the announcement via Twitter, he also told his followers (and anyone else that was paying attention) that he would give away a free pair of Yeezys Boosts to anyone who can correctly guess the what the new album title means. Additionally he will also give those who answered correctly tickets to his sold out Yeezy Season 3 fashion show and album listening event taking place at New York's Madison Square Garden. The announcement came in a few hours after he previewed a new Yeezy Boost from the upcoming collection.

So what do you think the title for Kanye West’s new album, T.L.O.P., stands for? To be honest we wouldn't be surprised if he pulls another 'switcheroo' and changes the title one more time. Another question posed is: what the heck are we meant to do with these now?